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If you are seeking a hard money buy and hold loan, consider working with us! We are a California-based lender with a lot of experience offering flexible hard money buy and hold loans with very competitive rates. Buy and hold loans give you the extra income you need for one or more properties. They are short-term loans for borrowers in industrial, commercial or residential real estate. We get the capital needed to succeed in the business for both investors and landlords. Some of the buy and hold loans we offer are:

  • Multi-family Units
  • Single Family Residence
  • Investment Rentals and Sales
  • Fix and Flips
  • Fix and Holds
  • Listed For Sale
  • Rehabilitation Loans
  • Condos
  • Secondary Homes
  • Short Sales

What is the Buy and Hold Strategy?

The strategy involved with this non-traditional type of loan involves purchasing a foreclosed or undervalued home to sell for a profit through renovations, appreciation or both.  Since most foreclosures require cash up front, a hard money buy and hold loan is the how to get the resources you need.

We have been successfully providing buy and hold loans to clients for decades.  Traditional lenders like banks are very particular on the kinds of real estate situations they can lend to.  They are usually limited to primary, owner-occupied residences.  We understand the need for specializing in lending to real estate professionals who are successful in turning non-owner occupied properties into a profit.  We’re at the top of the list of hard money buy and hold loan lenders in California who are focused on getting you the cash you need to buy distressed properties ASAP.  Taking a distressed property and renovating it for profit has proven to be a great business for many and that’s why we have been offering buy and hold loans for over 15 years.  There are no limits on the number of properties you can acquire with our buy and hold loans.  With us as your financial backer, you could build an entire commercial portfolio!

If you have less than average credit, prior bankruptcies or foreclosures we can still approve you because our underwriters are more concerned about your equity.   Our extremely fast and simple process is designed to get you funded fast — in some cases in as little as four days!

To get started immediately with your buy and hold loan or to learn more, contact our friendly and knowledgeable experts at 858-780-5162. We’ll have you fill out a simple and fast application with same day approval and answer any questions you may have.  So, what’s the hold up? Fill out an online application or call now!

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