Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Investment in California

Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Investment in California

Investing in real estate in California requires an understanding of the local market along with options of how acquire the money needed to efficiently buy and sell homes.  Hard money lending is often the most ideal option for real estate investors to help them make an actual profit quickly.  For a lot, it’s a better alternative than trying to get typical bank financing for a traditional mortgage.

Cheaper Than an Equity Partner

For the real estate investors who might not qualify for traditional bank funding methods, hard money loans are a lower cost substitute to equity partners.  Hard money lending finds an individual or a small group of people who want to lend the money to purchase a property instead of working with a partner who shares equity in your investment.  Additionally, this funding isn’t based on your credit rating. It’s actually based on the property you are wanting to invest in.  Hard money lenders are more likely to give you 100% of the cost of the property than traditional lenders like banks.  The time you take to flip and sell the home or property, however, is crucial so that you can pay back your loan in a timely manner.

Consider the Option Carefully

Before you choose hard money lending as your choice of funding for real estate investments, there are some cons that need to be considered.  First, the interest rate on hard money lending is usually much higher than a typical mortgage loan.  That means if you cannot pay it back quickly, it might not be the best option.  Next, just because this type of funding isn’t based solely on your credit score, doesn’t mean just anyone can qualify for it.  Last, it is mainly an asset-based loan, and this means you will only receive as much as the lender views the property is worth and the collateral you have.

Choose Wisely

If you think hard money lending for your real estate investing in California is right for you, it is extremely imperative that you choose your lender wisely.  A lender who has a trustworthy reputation with a lot of experience dealing with the kinds of properties you are interested in is key.  That way you can trust they have already helped many other people who have been in a similar position as you.  It will be easier to have confidence in the entire funding process and moving forward.

Have you tried qualifying for bank loans but haven’t succeeded?  Are you still looking for a relatively simple process to obtain that money you need for real estate investments?  The right fit for you might be hard money lending.  You’ll be able to borrow based on the value of the property you want with this method of real estate lending, rather than based on your credit score.

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