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Making the decision to invest in real estate isn’t always an easy one. Not only do you need to make the choice to spend your money on something in the hopes of a decent return later, but you also need to pay attention to the area in which you choose to invest. Inland Empire is comprised of a number of smaller cities within southern California, giving investors the opportunity to find homes they can purchase for a low price and then flip for a profit. At Hard money lenders California, we provide local hard money for your next new construction project, commercial property acquisition, fix and flip, rehab or buy and hold.  Give us a call today at 858-780-5162 to submit your request for your next hard money loan.

The Inland Empire Area

Inland Empire is made up of a grouping of cities within southern California, extending through San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. In addition to San Bernardino and Riverside, some of the other notable cities located within this region include Rancho Cucamonga, Palm Springs, Temecula, Murrietta, Ontario, Pumona Valley and others. It provides plenty of opportunities for real estate investors to purchase homes and transform them so they are more appealing and will fetch a higher selling price. In fact, the San Bernardino Valley has the highest number of flip sales in the area and most of them are deemed affordable.


With a large geographic area spanning more than 27,000 square miles and several larger cities, Inland Empire boasts a population of more than four million people. This makes it the 13th largest metropolitan area in the country. Even though this area is located east of Los Angeles and away from the coastline, it is within easy driving distance of these other amenities, which is why it such a popular spot for individuals who want access to all southern California has to offer, all while living in a somewhat quieter, more affordable area. The population in this area continues to grow rapidly, making it an ideal place for real estate investors to get involved.


As with many of the areas of California, about 40 percent of the residents in Inland Empire are white. However, there is a diverse population of other minorities as well. About seven and a half percent of residents are African American and almost six percent are Asian. About a quarter of the residents in this area are classified as mixed race, making this area diverse in both its population and the dynamics of the families that live there. In recent years, there has been an influx of minority residents moving from the larger cities of Los Angeles and San Diego to areas located within the Inland Empire region.

Employment Options

One of the biggest concerns individuals have before moving to a new place is finding a good job and getting reasonable pay in comparison to the cost of living. Job growth within the Inland Empire has been rapidly increasing, leading the state in new jobs in the 1990s and 2000s. Unlike other areas in southern California, most of these jobs are not in the high technology field. Many of them are focused more in manufacturing and service industries, including warehousing. However, residents can still find jobs in the high technology field, as well as other areas like the science field and administrative services. A majority of the Inland Empire jobs are classified as low-wage industries, but some residents choose to commute to the larger cities to work in higher paying fields while living in this quieter area.

Area Attractions

There’s plenty to see and do in the Inland Empire area, providing residents with entertainment in their off time and drawing tourists to the area. The San Bernardino Mountains offer skiing and other recreational activities and are also home to bald eagles during their summer migration pattern. For wine lovers, there’s no need to travel up to the Napa Valley to enjoy great wine and other related experiences. It’s all found in the Temecula Valley. Residents can also enjoy a beautiful hot springs spa in Corona and a number of craft breweries. In addition, this area is within easy driving distance of the major attractions that can be found in Los Angeles and San Diego, as well as the beaches on the Pacific Coast.

Investing in real estate involves understanding an area and how homes are performing, especially if you intend to flip the homes for a profit. Both San Bernardino and Riverside have plenty to offer residents, as well as the opportunity to purchase affordable homes that can quickly be flipped and sold for profit. This makes the Inland Empire area one of the most sought-after areas by both real estate investment rookies and veterans.

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