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Los Angeles Hard Money Lenders

  • Loans from $50,000 to $20 million
  • Up to 75% LTV for purchase or refi
  • Competitive rates starting as low as 8.99%
  • Same day pre-approvals
  • No income verification programs offered
  • Cash out (use as you choose to)
  • Credit problems are OK
  • No limit on the number of investment properties you can own
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Hard Money Lenders California is one of the premier lenders statewide and has extensive experience funding hard money loans in Los Angeles on a wide variety of projects and situations. We can help you get the funds for your real estate investment projects easily and quickly. We understand that when you’re in need of funds, you need to be able to act without delays in the competitive LA market. So, you need the most efficient hard money lenders California has to offer you. HMLCA’s exceptional reliability in delivering that level of service is the core value of our brand.

We are consistently highly responsive to your need for fast and painless loan approvals. When you need investment funds to close a deal fast, we’re your best solution. Our extraordinarily skilled and experienced team processes transactions very quickly. Our goal is to be your primary source of dependably easy and fast approval of hard money loans for your Los Angeles property investments.

We offer competitive repayment terms and are always ready to lend you the money you need on every deal with a property value and down payment that make sense together for underwriting.

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Hard Money Lenders California
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Rachelle ReedRachelle Reed
05:05 21 Jun 23
I wasn’t expecting the response time and level of professionalism / service provided. Will being using again them on my next deal.
Grace PerezGrace Perez
03:02 20 Jun 23
Nothing but positive things to say about this team. They are efficient, fast, and provide great service. Look forward to working with them again!
Mark DodgeMark Dodge
18:08 10 Mar 23
They took the time to explain to me the different options that I had. I appreciate all the help and tips they offered me!
Jerry WilsonJerry Wilson
21:15 01 Feb 23
Very impressed with the service speed, professionalism, and attention to detail when working with Hard Money Lenders Ca!
Christina NguyenChristina Nguyen
01:48 31 Jan 23
Great team, very responsive, professional, and will get everything you need done in a timely fashion. Highly recommend
Stefanie DufresneStefanie Dufresne
17:57 29 Jan 23
Seriously fast response service and amazing follow through. I never had to chase. They were so helpful with my fix and flip and i have done dozens. Really are quality people and business they operate.
Jody VelasquezJody Velasquez
16:29 27 Jan 23
Exceeded my expectations with terms and timing and that’s super critical of a lender, seems to be a great company.

HMLCA is LA’s Best Source for Hard Money Loans

The customer-centric team of top financing professionals at Hard Money Lenders California has established our company as one of the most efficient and supportive hard money lenders Los Angeles offers. Commercial real estate investors and individual property owners alike can expect our best current loan rates. We are here to help you get a hard money loan easily and quickly.

Easy and Fast Real Estate Investment Funding

Some investors may be considered a higher risk by traditional lenders due to having a lot of leveraged investment properties. Or, a property buyer may have a low credit score or some other credit report issue(s).

For approval of California hard money loans, you simply need a sufficient down payment for the price of the property you plan to buy. As long as that ratio makes sense for lending purposes, you’re likely to be easily and quickly approved for a hard money loan. Consistently fast approvals are essential for real estate investors who must compete against other aggressive bidders for the best, most sought-after properties.

What is a Hard Money Loan?

Hard money loans are secured by either residential or commercial real estate and funded by groups of private investors instead of banks, credit unions, or other traditional lenders. Hard money loan approval decisions are typically driven by property value and down payment amount, vs. the strength of the loan applicant’s credit history.

This approach enables real estate investors to obtain funding much faster and easier to seize opportunities to complete real estate deals rapidly, in competitive bidding situations, for example. A short-term loan at a higher interest rate than a traditional loan can be the best practical strategy when the ROI makes the opportunity well worth it overall and the alternative is to miss a narrow window for making a deal.

Loan Approvals by Los Angeles Hard Money Lenders

For California hard money lenders, the focus of loan application evaluation is the property value and down payment in the deal that the borrower is looking to close. With these two priorities, vs. stringent scrutiny of the credit history, lenders have much more flexibility in funding than traditional lenders using more rigid criteria.

A down payment of about 25% to 30% is common in California hard money loans. This rate might seem substantial to new real estate investors who are pricing hard money loan funding for the first time. However, this structuring is fundamental to the investor’s opportunity to acquire a property through a strategy of reducing the traditional requirements.

Cumbersome requisites are what otherwise bog down and so frequently thwart the process of obtaining loan approvals for real estate investment loans through institutional lenders.

Hard Money Loans for Residential or Commercial Properties

Hard Money Lenders California provides funding for business investment and individual real estate deals. Our loan approval process is driven by the value of the real estate. If the property value and your down payment amount meet the thresholds, we will fund your loan quickly so you can make your deal. Hard Money Lenders California hard money loans in Los Angeles can be used for real estate purchases, rehab, refinancing, or many other purposes.

Hard Money Loan Terms for Residential Properties

Hard Money Lenders California single-family rental (SFR) property loan interest rates can be as low as 7.99%, based on the repayment terms, down payment amount, and various conditions on residential loans as high as $10,000,00.

Hard Money Loans Terms for Commercial Properties

Our SFR real estate loan rates can also run as low as 7.99%, again, based on the repayment terms and down payment as well as conditions that may be stipulated on Los Angeles hard money loans as high as $20,000,00.

Real Estate Types Funded by LA Hard Money Loans

Here are some of the most common types of real estate investment using hard money loans in Los Angeles:

Biggest Advantages of Hard Money Loans

As one of the best hard money lenders Los Angeles has to offer, we provide the full array of outstanding benefits for real estate investors who use our loan services, including these:

What You Need To Get a Los Angeles Hard Money Loan

The Los Angeles metro real estate market offers abundant opportunities for investors who can recognize a strong value and act fast. The median price for a single-family home in metro LA is reportedly up 7.4% from last year. To obtain a hard money loan to invest in Los Angeles metro real estate, here’s what is required:

Down Payment

You need only an acceptable down payment and a property to purchase that is priced within our broad parameters for California hard money loans on real estate of its type.


We will obtain an appraisal, assemble only the small number of truly necessary documents, and expeditiously complete underwriting.

Choose HMLCA for Your Hard Money Loans in Los Angeles

To make the most of your opportunities in the southern California real estate investment market, naturally, you need the most reliably easy and fastest loan funding you can get. Our experienced professional financing team is your best solution for consistently top-quality loan service in Los Angeles.

We are experienced hard money lenders in Los Angeles. We lend local hard money for your residential and commercial property investments, construction projects, fix and flip deals, and many other needs for short-term real estate funding.

For more information about the best Los Angeles hard money loans, call us at (858) 780-5162, or contact us here online anytime.