Commercial Hard Money Loans

A commercial hard money loan is dependent on the real estate assets the borrower has. Commercial hard money loans are also called “bridge loans”, “no-doc loans” or “private hard money loans” just to name a few. Loans from traditional lenders decide if a borrower is qualified based on their credit, financial statements, etc., while a commercial hard money loan is strictly based on assets the borrower has. This allows borrowers whose projects don’t necessarily the traditional guidelines of most banks and other lenders to receive funding from other reliable private lenders.

What makes us unique at Hard Money Lenders California is that we are a direct lender specializing in commercial hard money loans. There are no fees upfront and we can get you the funding to start your project in an extremely short amount of time, unlike traditional banks and lenders. Below are some examples of the commercial hard money loans that we can fund:

  • Multi-family Units
  • Apartment Financing
  • Commercial Acquisition
  • Commercial Refinance
  • Debtor In Possession
  • Land Development Loans
  • Retail Property Loans
  • Industrial Property Loans
  • Office And Office Condo Financing
  • 1031 Exchange Financing

When Should You Apply for a Commercial Hard Money Loan?

Commercial hard money loans are appealing to clients that don’t want to or simply can’t go the traditional lending route because of a variety of scenarios. Those scenarios include the following:

  • You have bad credit
  • You don’t qualify for a traditional loan
  • You need a loan fast
  • There are unpaid liens or judgments concerning you or your property
  • You have equity and need cash
  • You want to restructure your debt and/or avoid foreclosure
  • You need a loan that doesn’t require excess documentation like most banks
  • You are a legal immigrant
  • Your situation is so unique that it doesn’t fit with other lending options and guidelines.

We are a company based out of California that has been assisting clients who need a quick commercial hard money loan for over 15 years. We have developed a strong reputation of trustworthiness, experience and customer satisfaction.

We pride ourselves in being extremely proficient and detail-oriented when it comes to helping our clients.  Our success depends on your success so we work diligently to get the funding you need as quickly as possible.  We are always faster than what banks or other traditional lenders can offer. That is our guarantee. We can get you your money in as little as 24 hours while traditional lenders can take two to three months.

You can contact our friendly team at 310-579-6021 to learn more about getting a commercial hard money loan. A friendly, knowledgeable expert will answer any questions you may have.  You can also fill out an application on this website right now to see if you qualify.

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